Chris t.
pacific palisades, CA

"A good interior designer is a combination of artist, clairvoyant, and therapist. Lori has all those talents in abundance. She was an invaluable part of the creative team on the recent renovation of my Pacific Palisades home, and her creative insights reflected my taste and opened doors to design choices I never would have known about. 

Lori has the ability to see both the big picture and the small detail and to be able to stay on top of both simultaneously. Her expertise in the use of color is especially noteworthy. She has contacts and relationships in every relevant area of interior design and without exception every person she brought onto my renovation was top notch. Her vision is creative and flexible (it's never about her, it's always about the client) and she was able to work within the constraints of my budget and yet still deliver an eye-catching, tasteful, and harmonious design solution. Inevitably people who see my house for the first time go "Wow!" when they open the front door. I love my new home and I am grateful for Lori's help in making it come alive."

santa monica, CA

"No filler. Lori is the real deal and has the background to back it up.. If you're seeking a wealth of knowledge with experience few others can claim, you've landed. Lori is a passionate expert  who takes all the right risks, she will effortlessly transform any uninspired corner of the house into a bold, exciting statement."

madame c.
los angeles, CA

"Lori has helped me with 2 homes and one office. She has brilliant taste and is meticulous about every detail. She also is someone who gets to know you and tries to guide you based on your needs, so her approach to each person is unique.  She is a lovely and enthusiastic designer."

brian c.
culver city, CA

"I have had the honor and privilege of working with Lori for over 15 years and can honestly say she is one of the hardest working decorators I know. No detail gets overlooked, there are no short cuts with her. I know that any products that get delivered are inspected first by her. That's just the quality of the work. As for her taste and style, everything flows just right, her eye for detail is amazing, and her color choice never seizes to amaze me. Hiring Lori to help decorate is a no brainer, she is truly gifted when it comes to design."

patricia c.
westwood, CA

"I have known Lori's work for more than 20 years, starting with my house 22 years ago. I have not stopped getting compliments on how amazing my house is. "How can anyone live in such a beautiful place?" they say, even though my house is quite modest. Since then, whenever I have design needs, Lori is the one I call. She finds me solutions and simplifies my life. The spaces she has helped me create are so beautiful they are healing. 

Not only does Lori have impeccable taste in color and form, she has excellent practical judgment, and has attracted the best contractors in the area to work with her. The contractors themselves are often amazing. She takes a project all the way from big-picture conception all the way down to the tiniest detail, ensuring that everything fits coherently and is top quality work. As a bonus, she is a wonderful person all round, caring, strong, passionate about her work. I count myself very fortunate to have had her advice and to have known her!"

kim m.
malibu, CA

"Lori Erenberg has a unique visual that one rarely sees anymore.  Her sense of color, texture and scale are amazing as well as her knowledge of design
I would honestly recommend Lori for any residential or commercial project.
Her work is that trustworthy."

julie l.
los angeles, CA

"Lori is a creative and unique visionary when it comes to design.She has the fantastic ability of blending both traditional  and modern pieces together so effortlessly. She has a sharp eye for detail and she will not stop until everything is completed to her high standards. Her tile work and  color choices have been amazing and it has been a pleasure to work with her over the years on a number of projects."

robert m.
san francisco, CA

"Lori imaged the rebirth of our 1920's Italian revival home in San Francisco from top to bottom nearly ten years ago.  The design, materials, furnishings are fresh, modern and always generates rave reviews from our friends and visitors.  The most important thing about our home is that our total remodel was an investment that has paid off in an every green living experience and expression of our style and taste that is still vibrant and undated."

ellen k.
manhattan, ny

"Lori has a unique design aesthetic. Her choices in color palette, furniture, fabrics and architecture details create a mix of modern delight. I have had the pleasure to see many of Lori's projects from concept through completion and she knows how to deliver with maximum results."

venice, CA

"I have  known Lori's work and many of her clients through more than 30 years and she is an amazing designer, stylist, colorist and stager. I have watched her anticipate and solve many problems normally in the province of an architect, cabinet maker, furniture maker, plumber, or rough and finish carpenter. In other words, she really understands the whole building sequence and process so she is a double threat on any construction or remodeling site. She understands a budget and is ever innovative in making the most of the funds available. 

She produces not only  her own wonderful finishes and furnishings but she coordinates with every other contributor to the a building project. She is cheerful and makes the process fun. And most importantly,  she understands the stress  for her clients that often accompanies a building or remodeling project. For a home owner, making changes is very personal and Lori gets it. And for the commercial client, she has the experience to understand both how décor can improve and focus a work environment and is equally at ease and expert at applying her ideas and solutions to a retail or restaurant situation.

I guess I sound opinionated. I have just seen the beautiful work through the years and heard the satisfied voices of many of her clients. You will have a great experience with Lori."